Sally’s Adventure.

My 11 year old niece enjoys writing too. This is the first time she’s agreed to share her writing online.

Sally’s Adventure by Megan Ogden

Sally Cropper woke up after a long night’s sleep. Today she was going to a new school. She had woke up extra early to get ready. Suddenly she heard a loud noise! She slowly went down the creaky old stairs. She looked through the front door – nothing was there. So she went to the back door and slowly twisted the handle,  she slowly opened  it,  there was nothing . The garden was empty the only thing that was unusual was a white layer of snow upon the floor. Another bang struck the ground suddenly  the  beautiful snow blew away. Sally covered her eyes as a strong wind blew. when the wind stopped blowing she walked up to a strange thing in the middle of the garden. When she reached the middle of her garden she saw what was there.  A big black hole was in the middle of the garden.  She looked down it was so far down she could not see the bottom.

That waft came back it was much harder this time. It came from within the hole.  Something lifted from the hole. It was white with scales. Its wings were the size of two trees  put together. Its claws as sharp as knives. This was a… Dragon!

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2 Responses to Sally’s Adventure.

  1. edna jones says:

    excellent story Megan

  2. Josh Jones says:

    Very well written Megan, well done. Keep it up 🙂 x

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