Wolf-Girls is out.

I am unashamedly proud to have a story in Hic-Dragones’ Wolf-Girls anthology¬† which is now available to buy. Having had a story published in a magazine, and a flash-fiction in a print-on-demand anthology, as well as a fair bit of non-fiction (unpaid) in various places, I have to admit that this feels different. I feel like a ‘proper writer’ now. There’s a book. It has great stories in that I really enjoyed reading. It has my story in it. People who I don’t know are reading it and commenting on it. My wolf girls aren’t just in my head anymore.

My fellow writers are Hannah-Kate, Kim Bannerman, Nu Yang, Mary Borsellino, Lyn Lockwood, Mihaela Nicolescu, L. Lark, Lynsey May, J.K. Coi, Rosie Garland, R.A Martens, Beth Daley, Marie Cruz, Helen Cross, Andrew Quinton and Sarah Peacock.

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