Impossible Spaces – now out

impossible spaces coverI have a story in the new Hic Dragones anthology, Impossible Spaces. I was thinking about interchangeable places, as a theme for the story – railway stations, bus stations, chain stores, that kind of thing. Then I started to think about natural situations, and it struck me that fog is a great equaliser. In fog, sound is deadened, and the landscape disappears. In the fog, we can be entirely alone. I started to think about a woman, alone in the fog. I started to wonder, what if she wasn’t alone? What if the fog was her companion?

I enjoyed writing Mistfall, it was one of those stories that just fell out, fully formed. It’s got twisted love, and death, and rock’n’roll. What more could you want?

Impossible Spaces is available now, from Hic Dragones.

Copies are also available at the wonderful Ebb and Flo bookshop, Gillibrand St, Chorley, or directly from me. £8.99 or £11.69 by post.


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