The Eight Pane Sash

hauntings_coverWhen we wake up naturally, when our bodies are rested and safe, the ghosts of our dreams linger for a while. In those ghosts lie the memories of places and people, of action and adventures that are far from our waking lives. For some, those ghosts cry out to be made real. And so came ‘The Eight Pane Sash’, almost fully formed in the first draft.

When Hannah Kate invited submissions on the theme of ‘Hauntings’ for her third dark fiction anthology, I wondered if there was another ghost story in me. My first attempt at a ghost story had been ‘Mistfall’, in the Impossible Spaces anthology. I was a bit bemused when ‘The Eight Pane Sash’ story turned out to be a better candidate for the Impossible Spaces theme than ‘Mistfall’ had been. I love the crossover between the two stories, and the two anthologies, and that this new story gave me a hat trick of acceptances with Hannah Kate’s collections. Thank you Hannah, for all your support.

The book is out now, in paperback and ebook formats. Here’s the link, and if you haven’t checked out ‘Impossible Spaces’ and ‘Wolf-Girls’ yet, don’t worry, it’s not too late.

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