Fight For The Future

Many, many years ago, I started getting spectral visits from a young red headed woman. She wouldn’t tell me her name at first, but she did tell me that she was a shapeshifter, and that she had a story for me. That story is the story of the Ransomed Hearts, and is the subject of my next novel. Once she was sure that I’d got the message, she left me alone, and I wrote lots of stories about her family and their adventures. One of the stories was set several decades in the past, and at first all I knew was that it started with two scruffy looking lads climbing down from an old fashioned bus in a village in the north of England. That story became ‘Fight For The Future’ and is my first independently published novel. It’s been a long time coming, and for that, I apologise. It was pretty much finished a few years ago, but it took me a while to pluck up the courage to send it to be critiqued, and then edited.
I don’t expect wild success, as the whole series is hard to categorise. It will have to find its own audience. It’s about shapeshifters, but not the paranormal. It’s about centuries long feuds, terror and murder, but it’s also about love and laughter and family.
I’m hoping to finalise the publication of ‘Fight For The Future’ very soon, and in the meantime I’m licking the second book into some sort of shape before I dare to start sending it around for reading and editing. The third book is written, and has a title too, but we’ll save that for later eh?
I’ll let you all know when you can buy the first book, and I hope that some of you, at least, enjoy it.

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