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My poem ‘Taking Steps’ was awarded 2nd place for the Pomfret Cup section of Lancashire Authors Association 2021 competition.

My poems ‘Surety’ and ‘Time for a Cuppa’ were commended in the Batty Cup section of the Lancashire Authors Association 2021 competition.

Taking Steps

A thousand and three up to the tree
That blankets the pavement with gold
A hundred and two to the house with a view
Of your yard, or so I’ve been told

Two thousand more takes me to the door
Of the pub where you tell all your lies
A dozen or less to the bar where you spar
With the fools who believe you are wise

It’s less than two miles to the root of your smiles
A distance I’ll cover with ease
I’ll watch and I’ll wait by the rusty old gate
And I’ll grin when I see your smile freeze.

Time for a Cuppa

Fascination. A silver plated spout with lines
Engraved forever in my mind
A pale drop lingers then falls to the
Floral cup. A splash, a quiver, then milky stillness.
‘Tea’s ready, father.’

Anxiety. A novelty pot, caution orange
Cheap and uncheerful, leaks and splashes
Hot cheap brew on yellow formica
Chipped mugs await
‘Three sugars, luv.’

Friendship. Five mugs crowd together
Sharing space in happy clutter
Screaming steam’s a promise now
Of well earned rest
‘Is that for me?’

Patience. A trembling saucer
With cup awash with tea
Too bitter, harsh and dark
From that sweet child
‘You clever girl!’

Happiness. A favourite mug
Brew just the right shade
Every day and night
To be known so well
‘Thank you love.’


As sure as the sky is blue
She says
On a midnight plain with velvet skies
As sure as the sea is green
He says
As grey waves pound the shore
As sure as the silver moon
They say
As a blood red crescent sets
As sure as my love for you
I say
As I turn and walk away

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