Who is this woman and what is she wittering on about?

This is relic’s blog. Late to the game, as usual, but I’ll try to catch up. You might know me from Twitter as @realrelic, from FD as rel, from rpca as Nettiecat, from gigs as Auntie Rel, or even from ‘real’ life as Jeanette.

I’ll be doing some blogging, and showing you some stories. If I have any better ideas, I’ll try those out too. Hell, if you send me something interesting, I might even review it.

My email address is rel@bloginbasket.com

I have novels and short stories about werewolves stacking up, if there are any agents or publishers out there interested in looking at them.

I’m also looking for writing work, fiction or non-fiction. I’ve got an M.Sc in environmental studies, and have experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

3 Responses to Who is this woman and what is she wittering on about?

  1. Joy (from rpca) says:

    I’ve held onto your post about The Little Cat that wasn’t there for a long time, and finally read it today. I loved it! Your other writings are good, but that story outshines them all. The ending literally brought tears to my eyes, even though I saw it coming. Keep on writing!

  2. Andrew says:

    Yes, I know you from “real” life. And I know that today is a special day, too. Enjoy it!

  3. Gary Jackson says:

    Hello Jeanette, I know you from real life, and congrats and kudos for your work with CPS

    love the blog 🙂 see you on FGS website and FB


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