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August 2023 book blog.

Some books have just been there, my entire adult life. The Stand is one of them. Along with ‘IT’, this novel is one of the Stephen King books that I can’t imagine being without. Complete and uncut, this is the … Continue reading

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July 2023 book blog

I finished Babel at the beginning of July, but included my thoughts about it in my June blog.After finishing Babel, I decided to finish reading Interzone 294, which had been hanging around my ‘currently reading’ list for several months. It’s … Continue reading

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June 2023 book blog

After months of fairly concentrated reading (Tchaikovsky and indies) my June reading list turned out to be a really mixed bag. If you know my likes, you know that I like a themed anthology. I started to read ‘Tesseracts Nine: … Continue reading

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Monday 4th Pilates am, dentist pm. Tuesday 5th Phone GP, lunch with Alys Wednesday 6th Dr Green @ 10.05 am, photography club AGM pm Thursday 7th Meetup with Julia and Mum Friday 8th Pilates am, St David’s hospital Dr Reese, … Continue reading

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March 2023 book blog

I only read two books this month, but they were whoppers. I started off with a break from ‘Shadows of the Apt’ in the shape of a re-read of the classic anthology ‘By Blood We Live’, edited by John Joseph … Continue reading

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The Witch in the Well – a review by Jeanette Greaves

Thank you to Transworld for the review copy of this book. Getting a review copy of a book usually leads to an interesting experience, because they’re usually by an author I’ve not yet read. This was definitely an interesting experience. … Continue reading

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January 2023 book blog

That thing, where you binge a series of fantasy books, it feels so naughty doesn’t it? Like sitting with a box of chocolates and barely stopping until you hit the next layer. I did that last month with the first … Continue reading

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November 2022 book blog

This was the month that I only read two books. Not even two books, because it was still October when I started to read Ellen Datlow’s collection of Shirley Jackson inspired dark tales, ‘When Things Get Dark.’ Appropriate, I thought, … Continue reading

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September and October 2022 book blog

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana … October was a busy month, there was a family wedding (congratulations to my wonderful nephew Jake and his talented, funny, witty and utterly amazing bride Eva) and also lots … Continue reading

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August 2022 book blog

A big month for me, I self published my second novel, ‘Ransomed Hearts’ and did a read through of book 3, to see just how much work it needs to shape it into a proper book. I’ve also given book … Continue reading

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